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Robert Massimi.
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 I always love finding a hidden gem off off Broadway. The New Federal Theater in its new digs (or temporary, not sure) produced "The Life According To Micki Grant". Directed by Nora Cole, (I wasn't given a program), this musical focuses on the life of Minie Perkins, she became Micki by nickname and Grant after her first husband. "He was a good man so I kept his name," she tells us.

The show has incredible projection as well as lighting which virtually replaces the very plain staging in this musical. It also has four talented actors, three women and one man. I will call the three women: green dress, salmon dress and purple dress. All three portray this talented woman who wrote her first poem at 8 and had it published at 14. Grant would go on and write many songs for radio, theater and other singers.

"Micki Grant" for the first 50 minutes was very good; the last 30 minutes was slow at times, confusing at times and lost a bit on Grant's timelines as an artist. The musical would circle back to the past when the writing should have been bringing the plot near the end of her career. Instead, we get the "Working" musical, "Your Arms Are Too Short God"., her first commercial radio success in "Pink Shoe Laces" The reprise of the shows and her songs is too repetitive; instead it should have gone further in her biography.

As singers, the women are all talented, the green dress had a crisp voice, she brought a sexiness to her role; the purple dress at times had an operatic voice and other times, soulful. The salmon dress was the most diversified in that she was popish and more mainstream as a singer. The three blend well throughout the show as does the male actor. Although the male changes people and plays many characters, he is a terrific tap dancer and a singer.

If this musical can tighten itself up, it could be a well received show. As a musical it has fun, easy songs; good comedy at times and good choreography to it. The problem with it is that Grant's accomplishments are never explained enough, rather glossed over to some extent and then they are brought back up later in the show. The plot should be more compartmentalized and this would make the musical flow better.


robert massimi

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