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No Bull With Raging Robert.

Many of the people who received either one or two shots are beginning to wake up. They were told by the “experts” that they just needed to get the shot and things would get back to normal. Things are far from normal and now they are being told that they will likely need to get multiple booster shots and even a pill to treat Covid-19.

Thankfully, many of them are taking a stand and fighting back.

On September 10th it was reported that a New York hospital is going to pause baby deliveries after a “spate of resignations” by maternity unit workers who refused to inject an experimental substance into their bodies.

Over the weekend I received a direct message from a NASA engineer who informed me that “almost all the engineers here have all banded together and are forcing NASA admin to fire them (both vaccinated and unvaccinated alike). NASA is on a hiring freeze, so firing all these folks would essentially kill the Artemis mission.”

Many people believed they were “fully vaccinated” after two shots. They trusted the system. They believed things would get “back to normal.” They took the shots, often reluctantly, with these things in mind and they are quickly finding out that they’ve been lied to.

Now they are preparing to be labeled “unvaccinated” again if they refuse to get yet another shot. Look on the bright side: Moderna’s shares jumped 5% on news that they revealed a new single shot booster.

Meanwhile tens of millions of Americans face being fired, kicked out of school, removed from our Military, refused medical care, and more for having faith in the immune system God gave them to overcome a virus with a 99%+ survival rate for the overwhelming majority of the population.

This all comes after Pseudo-President Joe Biden declared war on 80 million (or likely way more) Americans who refused to participate in the biggest lab rat experiment in human history.

I’ve been writing about concepts like the need for a parallel economy, a parallel internet, and a parallel society throughout all of 2021. But what does that actually look like?

We are about to find out.

If you’ve already been vaccinated you can join those of us who have not been by refusing to get any of these booster shots. At some point enough of us need to say enough is enough. The way this is going to work is even if you’ve received two shots already they are going to group you in with us “unvaccinated” people because without the booster you will no longer be “fully vaccinated.” So you might as well unite with the rest of us and start building something new.

All of the best, most talented, and smartest people are critical thinkers. They are builders. Doers. They are quickly leaving the existing system. What will be left is low quality talent. The “yes” men people who will shut up, do what they are told, and get their 15th booster shot to keep their job. My heart goes out to these people, but you all know exactly the type I’m talking about.

The existing system will begin to collapse under a sea of “vaccinated” talent shortages, incompetence, and woke political nonsense.

Hospitals won’t (and already can’t) find much needed nursing talent. NASA missions will be aborted. Schools won’t be able to find teachers. Businesses who are already having trouble filling open positions will be forced to compete with businesses who don’t pry into your healthcare privacy. You can’t just cut off 80 million people and not expect your business and country to suffer.

The society of obedient regime sheep will chug along for a while, but inevitably it will succumb under the weight of market forces from a growing new parallel society.

Companies without mandates will perform better and get all of the best talent. Doctors will start private practices. Families will begin to homeschool their children. Blue states and major cities will see a mass exodus unlike anything in American history.

All we have to do is say no and start building a new society for ourselves. We need to take control of our own destiny here and do what needs to be done to protect our families and preserve our values and indeed our own humanity.

I believe that God has a plan, as He always does, for what is unfolding on a global scale today. Now more than ever we must keep the faith and do as Christians have always done: survive and thrive. Do you think it was “easy” for the Pilgrims to set out for a new land and start building from scratch? Of course not, but they did it and ended up building the greatest country in the history of the world. Do you think it was “easy” for first century Christians to spread the Gospel? Of course not, but today billions of Christians know that Christ is on the throne because of their work and sacrifice.

In a lot of ways we are the modern Pilgrims of our time, seeking religious freedom and sovereignty to escape the rule of a tyrannical elite who hate us. Their blood runs in our veins, the spirit of their plight is in our hearts, and most importantly their God is our God.

We can and must do this. Force their hand. Band together with other like minded people at your school and work to say: no, we will not comply. Then start your pilgrimage to a new parallel society where Jesus is King, family values matter, and freedom rings.

To God Be The Glory,


If you thought your case of the Mondays was bad, just know that you’re already doing better than the winner of the Vienna Marathon who was disqualified for wearing the wrong shoes. Yes, seriously.



The fact of the matter is I’m at the beginning and 38. I want to go as far as I can, but I really want to help normalize trans people in sports. This [fight] will start my contribution.

— Transgender fighter Alana McLaughlin, who became just the second openly trans MMA fighter, after winning her debut fight on Friday. Trailblazer.


US Open: Never say never


The GIST: Emma Raducanu (pronounced rah-doo-CON-ew) and Daniil Medvedev are your US Open champions. Alex, we’ll take “things we would have never predicted” for $800, please.

Women’s final: On Saturday, in the first US Open final in the Open Era to ever feature two unseeded players, 18-year-old Brit Raducanu defeated 19-year-old Canadian Leylah Annie Fernandez.

  • Raducanu, who entered the tournament as a qualifier, won 20 straight sets on her way to claiming her first major (of many, we’re sure).
  • And while Fernandez’s fairy-tale run didn’t end quite the way Canadians had hoped, her eloquent post-match speech — which included a tribute to New York on 9/11 — proved why she was already a winner to many.

Men’s final: On the flip side, yesterday’s men’s final featured two of the world’s best, №2 Medvedev and №1 Novak Djokovic, with Djokovic looking to complete the calendar Grand Slam after winning the year’s other three majors.


NFL: Start of something new


The GIST: In honor of the first NFL Sunday, here are the top four storylines from the day.

Worst loss: The Green Bay Packers recorded their worst loss of the 17-year Aaron Rodgers era yesterday with a 38–3 embarrassment at the hands of the Drew Brees–less New Orleans Saints. Maybe all that spicy off-field drama took its toll?

Injuries: Quarterback (QB) Ryan Fitzpatrick made his Washington Football Team (WFT) debut…and then made a quick exit after suffering a game-ending hip injury in the second quarter of the WFT’s 20–16 loss to the LA Chargers.

  • Meanwhile, Cleveland Browns star Odell Beckham Jr. didn’t even make it to the field, with his lingering 2020 knee injury keeping him out of the lineup for the 33–29 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Women: History was made during the Carolina Panthers and New York Jets game as line judge Maia Chaka became the first Black woman to officiate an NFL game and joined Sarah Thomas and Shannon Eastin as the only women to do so.

Monday Night Football: Week 1 isn’t over yet. Tonight, the Baltimore Ravens will visit the Las Vegas Raiders for the season’s first edition of Monday Night Football, and after the Ravens lost their top three running backs to season-ending injuries, QB Lamar Jackson will be put to the ultimate test. Don’t miss this one at 8:15 p.m. ET.

Quick hits


F1: Yesterday’s Italian Grand Prix (GP) was a trip. The Lewis Hamilton–Max Verstappen rivalry finally came to a head yesterday when Verstappen caused a crash that took them both out of the race (don’t worry, he was penalized), before Drive to Survive sweetheart Daniel Ricciardo won his first GP since 2018 and celebrated with a traditional Aussie shoey. Crikey.

College football: Thanks to a huge upset win over the Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday, the Oregon Ducks flew up to №4 on the AP Top 25 College Football poll. At the same time, BYU moved up to №23 after beating rivals Utah for the first time since 2009.

  • But the real winner? The cat who fell from the upper deck at the Miami game and was caught safely in an American flag. Nine lives still intact.

WNBA: The Seattle Storm will have to finish the regular season (all seven days of it) without their best player. Breanna Stewart suffered a foot injury last week and will be reassessed prior to the playoffs (which are set to begin on September 23rd). Rest up, champ!


WHAT TO LISTEN TO:This podcast episode about how almost losing his brother during the 9/11 terrorist attacks inspired NY Jets head coach Robert Saleh (the first Muslim head coach in the NFL) to return to football. Get your tissues ready.

WHAT TO READ:This article about U.S. Soccer’s proposal to split World Cup prize money equally between the women’s and men’s national teams. There are pros, there are cons and you already know we’ll have more to say. Stay tuned.


Lauren Jackson, Yolanda Griffith, Paul Pierce, Chris Bosh and the 12 other members of the 2021 class inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame over the weekend. Ball don’t lie.

AN UPDATE TO KNOW:LA Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer’s 2021 season is officially over. Bauer’s paid *eye roll* administrative leave was extended again on Friday, this time through the end of the season, as the police investigation into sexual assault allegations made against him continue.


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HBO Series.

August 18, 2021

Sopranos Real Life at Absolute Electrical Contractors in Queens.

August 18, 2021

Ronny Wood.

August 18, 2021

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