Robert Massimi On Milwaukee Mob Talking Theater.

Robert talks live about how he got started in theater. Robert talks about what Broadway and off Broadway needs to do too get back in the saddle. On Milwaukee Mob, Robert discusses the past theater experience to its current state. As a producer, writer and a former member of Metropolitan Playhouse, Robert lends valuable insight into theater.

Massimi talks about how it is a slippery slope to both produce and write as a critic. During this one hour and eleven minute interview he talks about the different genres in theater; actors, directors and the various staging's. The interview asks pointed questions about different writers and directors. Massimi is asked the biggest challenges in theater today and why many of the works off off Broadway are not working. Massimi delves into off Broadway behemoths like The Public Theater and NYTW.

In regards to off off Broadway, Massimi feels that LGBTQ and climate change plays that have been brought forth, many of them are not good and poorly written. On Broadway, Massimi talks about inclusion hurting shows. “If theater does not come back smartly, Broadway can go out of business”. Protest plays will not be accepted on Broadway, he say’s. With 97,000 jobs on the line, Broadway must come back with great writers if it wants to do well i.e.. Ibsen, Shakespeare, Williams, Miller, Chekov, Pinter and others.

In the New York Times Arts and Leisure section, Massimi brings out the radical thinking of some of the people in theater. “Protest writing eliminates a lot of the audience”. Massimi talked about how well The Harlem Rep does and that there are great black writers who were not protest writers. If Broadway does what the NFL or NBA did, Broadway will be hurt. “People want to be entertained and not spoken down too or dictated too”.

Robert Massimi writes for: Metropolitan Magazine; Jerrick Media and My Life Publications; he has produced 14 shows both on and off Broadway. A member of The Dramatists Guild, Outer Critics Circle and Drama League.

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