Kristian Murphy Fuhse Robbing Older People.

Seven Years Of Smoke And Mirrors In $1 Million Hedge Fund Scam

Wanna be rapper and all around scum bag, Kristian Murphy Fuhse, originally from Yorkville NY, now in Boca Raton when he is not sponging off Tehsiki69 and the fat ass Kardashian’s. Kristian Murphy AKA “Murda Murphy”, Aka “Fat Boy”, has been a wanna be rapper for years- he is in fact a nobody, just a mooch for who’s feeding him his next meal. Phillippe Chow owner Stratis threw him the hell out when he bull shitted him into opening a production company- that was a waste of time and money. Murphy is good at wasting other peoples money; it is what free loaders do.

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I am a critic of the inept and ineffective


This article is more than 8 years old.

U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From April 2005 through November 2006, Michael Katz, Christopher Fardella and two other individuals were partners in a pretty impressive sounding Florida-based hedge fund: KMFG International, LLC. Katz was the Portfolio Manager and Fardella the Treasure.

For starters, just consider that august name: KMFG International, LLC.

You got four initials making up the first name of this hedge fund. Any organization that goes by initials must be pretty big, right?


Then you got that whole “International” thing which means that this is, you now, something worldwide, not just a rinky dink operation in a lousy office in some strip mall in suburbia.

Also, it’s one of those LLC thingamajigs which are a lot more important than a Corp. or Inc. — I think.

And let’s not forget that this whole thing was run out of the Sunshine State where there isn’t any fraud . . . well, that’s unless you’re counting pennystock hustlers and Medicare mills but then who’s counting?

SIDE BAR: To new readers of “Street Sweeper,” yes, the above is all dripping sarcasm. Please stand back lest you be splashed by my acid drool

Anyways, Katz, Fardella, and two others pitched the KMFG story to a batch of folks out of the blue and managed to get those individuals to part with some $1.03 million. Some folks — prosecutors and regulators, for example — would pejoratively characterize this solicitation effort as “cold calling.” Oddly, it seems to work. Repeatedly.

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