“M” In Nimbus Magazine’s Winter Issue.

  • Assassins” at Classic Stage Company is a musical about people who assassinated or tried to assassinate former presidents of
  • the United States. The show has an all-star cast in the likes of Steven Pasquale, Sam Bolen, Eddie Cooper, Brad Giovanine and
  • Ethan Slater. Music is by Stephen Sondheim and book by John Weidman. The set is a barn like atmosphere with musicians up
  • top and down on the stage itself. Directed by John Doyle, this show has great costumes and acting. The story, however, can be
  • slow, real slow at times. It left the person on both sides of me sleeping. For a person interested in this bit of history, the musical
  • resonates on the level that Weidman showed us just how demented some of these assassins were. “Assassins” has been ex-
  • tended into end December.
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