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No Bull With Raging Robert.

Robert Massimi.

Kabul Attacks

Thirteen US service members and at least 95 Afghans were killed in a pair of suicide attacks targeting the Kabul airport yesterday, where huge crowds have gathered over the past two weeks in the hopes of being evacuated by US and allied forces. At least 18 other US service members were injured, along with more than 140 Afghans, according to reports.

The attacks were believed to have been carried out by an Islamic State affiliate, known as ISIS-K (see background). The Taliban, who seized control of the country almost two weeks ago, had largely allowed the evacuations to proceed without attacks (though there were numerous reports of violence against Afghan citizens en route to the airport).

Gen. Kenneth McKenzie said the attack occurred at a checkpoint where troops physically inspected those attempting to depart the country. The measure is intended to prevent those with explosives from making it onto air transport. President Joe Biden said the US would avenge the attack, though no specifics were provided.

The presence of three distinct extremist groups — the Taliban, al-Qaida, and the Islamic State — is expected to complicate dynamics in the country moving forward. See the difference between each here.

Separately, officials said more than 95,000 people (soft paywall, Reuters), including both Americans and Afghan citizens, had been evacuated since Aug. 14. As of yesterday, there were an estimated 1,500 Americans left in the country.

Condo Collapse Report

The Miami-area condo building that collapsed in June had extensive signs of corrosion and improperly placed reinforcements, according to evidence revealed by federal investigators. Ninety-eight people were killed in the disaster, with almost a dozen others injured.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology said yesterday it would establish a team of experts to initiate a five-pronged study of the root causes of the incident. Preliminary data previously suggested the collapse was triggered when a ground floor pool deck collapsed, potentially precipitated by water leaks — allowed due to inadequate water-proofing — that led to structural corrosion (see diagram).

Federal officials also released new footage from the aftermath of the collapse (watch here).

Surge Down Under

Two of Australia’s biggest hospitals have been forced to set up emergency tents, overwhelmed by a flood of COVID-19 infections. The moves come as the country recorded more than 1,000 new cases in a single day, the first time the mark has been passed in Australia during the pandemic. See the country’s caseload trend here.

The surge and resulting lockdowns have forced the Australian government to reconsider its “COVID zero” policy (paywall, Economist) — an approach that effectively forces lockdowns until caseloads drop to zero.

North of Down Under, Japanese officials suspended the use of more than 1.6 million Moderna shots, citing potential material contamination.

In the US, the average of daily new cases has risen to 155,000 (see data). Almost 95,000 people are currently hospitalized with COVID-19, while the country is averaging about 1,200 deaths per day.

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Historybook: Krakatoa volcano eruption, among the largest in recorded history, kills around 40,000 (1883); President Lyndon B. Johnson born (1908); “Guinness Book of World Records” first published (1955); RIP W.E.B. Du Bois (1963); RIP American vaudevillian Gracie Allen (1964).

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