New York Lockdown.

Robert Massimi.

Last night the communists in Los Angeles banned all outdoor dining starting on Wednesday. Today, the communists in New York City are banning all “non-essential” activities because of their epic failure in stopping the China Virus. If you have loved ones in nursing homes, you’d better pull them out now, before Cuomo and Warren Wilhelm (de Blasio) kill another few thousand by sticking COVID infected patients in these nursing homes.

Parts of New York City going back into lockdown in epic Cuomo, Wilhelm (de Blasio) fails

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) warned on Sunday that certain areas of New York City are heading toward tighter coronavirus restrictions, including the most restrictive “red zone” which prohibits all gatherings deemed “non-essential.”

The Democrat governor stated some areas, namely Staten Island, Long Island, and parts of Manhattan, are “in the warning track” and could soon face additional restrictions due to concerns over rising infection rates and hospital capacity.

“The rate goes up; there are more restrictions to slow the economy — that’s bad for business. Rates go up, you overburden the hospital system, you overburden doctors, nurses, you can have possible equipment supplies,” he said.

“Numbers go up and people die. People die. Period,” Cuomo added.

The governor said such areas “will go into those zones” unless the existing trajectory “dramatically” changes.

“Parts of Staten Island will go into an orange zone. Parts of Staten Island will go into red zone at the current rate,’’ he continued, referring to Staten Island as a “serious problem.”

The red zone is the most restrictive, prohibiting “non-essential gatherings” — both residential and non-residential — of “any size.” Red zone restrictions also close all businesses deemed “non-essential.” The orange zone is slightly less restrictive, allowing gatherings of ten people “maximum” either indoors or outdoors, though it requires “high-risk non-essential businesses” — such as hair salons and gyms — to remain closed.

Gov Cuomo and Mayor Deblassio are killing New York City. With lockdowns: Theaters, restaurants, clubs and many other vital industries are getting hampered by this lock down order. Neither Cuomo or Deblassio have any business experience and as such, have no right to be making decisions like this.

Between the homeless and the garbage, New York City has regressed to the days of mayor Dinkins. Crime is up, income is down and Deblassio still shows up to work at 12 o’clock. Cuomo killed many older people by putting them in nursing homes during the Covid 19 pandemic., Behance, New York City, Amazon, Covid 19, Bill Deblassio, Andrew Cuomo, Albany, Vaccine, Lockdowns, Facebook, Me We.



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robert massimi

Drama critic for Nimbus Magazine, Metropolitan Magazine and New York Lifestyles Magazine. Producer, editor and writer.