No Bull With Raging Robert.


We’re back in your inbox on this fine Sunday morning because we think you’d enjoy (or already are) participating in our GIST-exclusive weekly NFL fantasy football contest. Here’s (a reminder on) how it works:

Step 1: Sign up for our fantasy contest here. You’ll be asked to deposit an initial $10, which will cover (at least) five weeks of entry fees for our contest.

Step 2: After registering, return to to make your picks each week. And remember to use your browser (not the FanDuel app).

Step 3: Choose eight players and a defense to assemble your dream team of players from Sunday’s slate of NFL games. Each player and defense has an associated dollar amount and you have a $60K salary cap, so plan accordingly!

Step 4: Submit your picks by today’s 1 p.m. ET deadline then kick back, enjoy your day and watch the points roll in. No Sunday scaries here.


Tip of the week: Each week, we’ll share some fantasy insight or a player to watch. Our top pick for Week 6? Arizona Cardinals quarterback (QB) Kyler Murray. He’s averaging two touchdowns (TDs) per game and he’s playing against a team that gave up 47 points last week. Hip, hip, Murray!


In it to win it: You might be asking: what’s in it for me? In addition to bragging rights and helping us level the fantasy football playing field, GISTers are winning money each week. Like, over $250 in cash prizes.

  • Even better? Your top 10 scores will be entered into our season-long leaderboard series, where there’s up to $5,000 in cash prizes and GIST swag up for grabs.
  • So click here to join in the fun. And if you need some team inspo, check out our content contributor Lauren’s picks below and follow along with her team under username LaurenAtTheGIST.

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