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Initial unemployment claims fell to 498,000 last week, down more than 90,000 from the previous week and well below analyst estimates of 527,000. It also marks the first time the figure has fallen below 500,000 since the pandemic began, though claims remain significantly higher than the prepandemic average of about 250,000.

The drop in new jobless claims mirrors the decline in reported COVID-19 cases in the US. The rolling average of new cases sits near 46,000 per day (see data), its lowest level in seven months. After a steep decline early in the year, reported deaths have plateaued between 650 and 700 per day, with the country’s total at 580,064 as of this writing.

About 57% of US adults have received at least one vaccine dose, with 42% fully vaccinated. Officials worry supply is beginning to outpace demand in many places — the US is averaging roughly 2 million doses administered per day, down by one-third over the past month. See how your state is doing here.

Almost one-in-five Americans say they either won’t receive a shot or will only if required, while another 15% say they are waiting to see. Find a breakdown of vaccine preferences here.

Fake Public Comments

A high-profile 2017 decision by the Federal Communications Commission to roll back net neutrality rules was marred by an overwhelming number of fake public comments, a New York state investigation concluded yesterday. More than 22 million responses were received during the FCC’s public comment period, by far the highest in the agency’s history. The recent probe revealed roughly 80% of those comments were likely fabricated.

Net neutrality refers to the idea that internet service providers should treat all data equally, without favoring or charging more for different websites (see breakdown). In principle, large websites like YouTube or Netflix would be allowed to pay for preferential treatment, creating internet “fast lanes.”

Investigators concluded nearly 8.5 million comments were fraudulently submitted in favor of repeal using real identities without owners’ knowledge, an effort led by a broadband industry trade group. Separately, 7.7 million pro-net neutrality comments were linked to a single 19-year-old college student using automated software. It is unclear how the probe will affect current rules.

Teacher of the Year

A Las Vegas special education instructor was named Teacher of the Year yesterday, beating out finalists from Utah, North Carolina, and Washington, DC. Juliana Urtubey, whose classes range from prekindergarten to fifth grade, becomes the first Nevadan to be selected and the first Latina educator since 2005. Having spent 11 years in the classroom, Urtubey exemplified the flexibility and creativity required to serve students amid the pandemic, the award committee noted, in particular those with learning differences.

The selection is more than an award — winners typically spend a year away from the classroom advocating for teachers across the country. First lady Dr. Jill Biden made a surprise visit to Urtubey’s class shortly after the announcement (watch here).

See each of the state-level winners here.


The US commercial landscaping (think: mowing golf courses and parks) is a booming, $100B industry. But yet, labor costs are high and margins are razor-thin.

That is, until brought their sophisticated, autonomous mowers into the picture. With machine learning and computer vision, they’ve developed proprietary technology to mow lawns like nothing you’ve seen before. And they’re 100% electric-powered, so associated with traditional lawn mowing. The best part:

With , you can join the investors and entrepreneurs looking to reinvent commercial mowing.

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Sports, Entertainment, & Culture

Brought to you by Dollar Flight Club

the organization behind Golden Globes, approves sweeping reforms meant to improve diversity among its members (More)

with Olympics to donate vaccines to competitors and staff at the Tokyo Games (July 23-Aug. 8) (More) | Laurel Hubbard poised to be first transgender athlete to compete at Olympics (More)

, one of the nation’s largest LGBTQ celebrations, canceled for second straight year due to COVID-19 (More)

From our partners: Make it happen for just $1 today. . Their 1 million members save 90% on round-trip domestic and international flights. Think: Hawaii from $109, Greece from $247, or Iceland from $223 on airlines with flexible change policies so you can travel with peace of mind.

Science & Technology

the world’s first computer chip with feature sizes as small as two nanometers, or roughly 20 atoms (More)

best evidence to date of nocturnal dinosaur species; two small therapod species likely had night vision and owl-like hearing (More)

the oldest known grave in Africa, estimated to have been dug 78,000 years ago; find suggests Stone Age humans had more symbolic views on death than previously thought (More)

Business & Markets

(S&P 500 +0.8%, Dow +0.9%, Nasdaq +0.4%); Dow hits fresh record high on better-than-expected jobless claims report (More)

David Swensen dies at 67 after cancer battle; Swensen grew Yale’s endowment from $1B in 1985 to more than $30B in 2020 (More)

smashes earning expectations as Q1 revenues increase 266% over last year (More) | Beyond Meat reports wider than expected loss as restaurant customers returned slower than anticipated in Q1 (More)

Politics & World Affairs

signs voting bill that includes changes to the number and use of ballot drop boxes; voting rights groups file federal and state lawsuits asking to block the measure (More)

daily COVID-19 caseload, with more than 414,000 new cases and almost 4,000 deaths yesterday (More)

to Idaho middle school, shoots and injures two students and a custodian before being disarmed; officials reveal no motives as of this morning (More)


The New Science of Motherhood

. New studies shed insight into how children shape a mother’s heart and mind — literally. (Read)

They Told Their Therapists Everything

. A mental health startup boomed in popularity, driven by easy-to-use technology. Then hackers caused a catastrophic data breach. (Read, $$)

Remarkable Survival

. (2015) How one passenger survived the sinking of the RMS Lusitania, an attack that changed the course of World War I. (Read)

The Genes of Age

. Some animals live unexpectedly long lives. What can their genetics tell us about human longevity? (Read)


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Graze Mowing is on a mission to change the commercial landscaping industry through machine learning, computer vision, and a nifty autonomous electric mower ().

And it’s no coincidence that the market they’re tackling is a huge one. , riddled with high labor costs and fuel expenses — and therefore low margins. Learn about Graze Mowing’s existing $19M in preorders from leading country clubs and landscapers, and

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The real history of Mother’s Day. (PS — it’s this Sunday in the US)

… and the complex history of Mary Ball Washington.

This optical illusion will break your brain.

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Meet Japan’s trash samurais. (w/video)

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