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20 Realistic Micro-Habits To Live Better Every Day | Amardeep Parmar in The Ascent

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20 Realistic Micro-Habits To Live Better Every Day

Aimed at humans, not gods.

Amardeep Parmar in The Ascent

8 min read

EV Rivals Are Hoping for Redemption in Tesla’s 9-Year-Old Playbook

Tesla competitors are fighting the last war and missing the hot middle market

Steve LeVine in The Mobilist

3 min read

How to Learn Faster If You Are Not a Genius

A mental tool to boost your learning speed.

Younes Henni, PhD in Curious

5 min read

City Street Photography in Winter

Getting out into your city to take city street photographs is as much enjoyment and fun as any time of the…

Sean P. Durham

6 min read

In case you missed it

How to Watch Porn Safely

Being stuck in quarantine means we could all use a little titillation. Here’s how to enjoy pornography…

PCMag8 min read

36 Year Old Canadian Cold Case Solved

“It had to be someone we knew well.”

Josie Klakström in The True Crime Edition

5 min read

5 Grand Holiday Light Attractions to Check Out in the Bay Area

Not even 2020 could dim these displays

Matt Charnock in The Bold Italic

4 min read

Quick reads

The Difference Between Art and Entertainment

Society has become obsessed with climax and resolution

Douglas Rushkoff in Team Human

3 min read

The Tree at the Edge of the Forest

A feminist parable and thank you note to all the good men out there

Yael Wolfe in Wilder

3 min read

Why You Should Eat Bread, Butter, and Anchovies This Season

More Americans can embrace the Italian go-to snack

Sara Cagle in Heated

4 min read

Best in Photography

33 Stunning Photos That Show the Delicate Beauty of Birds

The breathtaking winners of the prestigious 2020 Bird Photographer of the Year competition

Jack Shepherd in Tenderly

10 min read

Einstein’s Camera

How one renegade photographer is hacking the concept of time


22 min read

Best in Psychology

Inside the Revolutionary Treatment That Could Change Psychotherapy Forever

IFS therapy is upending the thinking around schizophrenia, depression, OCD, and more

Ben Blum in Elemental

31 min read

Curiosity Is the Secret to a Happy Life

Engaging with the unfamiliar can keep mind and body fit. So how to pump up one’s levels of curiosity?

Markham Heid in Elemental

5 min read

The ‘Mantra Effect’: How Talking to Yourself Can Change Your Mind

The human voice is a persuasive communication tool — even when you’re talking to yourself

Markham Heid in Elemental

6 min read

Best in Fiction


— Short Fiction —

Dawn Tripp in Gay Mag

37 min read

Divide and Conquer

— Short Fiction —

Kristen Arnett in Gay Mag

20 min read

Most read

Why Are Boats Female?

Is the practice of referring to ships and other vessels as ‘she’ flattering or fetid?

Clare C.H.,, Covid 19 Vaccine, Vanity Fair, New York Magazine, Metropolitan Magazine, Donald Trump, US Capitol, FOX News, CNN.




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