Theater Reviews in Nimbus Magazine. “M”.

  • Stephen Sondheim Theatre
  • Mrs. Doubtfire” at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre is a wonderful musical for the family. With a strong cast, this is
  • sure to be a Tony Award contender. Adapted from the film with the same name, Rob McClure (Daniel Hillard)
  • and Jenn Gambatese (Miranda Hillard) are equal to the challenge replacing the great Robin Williams and Sally
  • Fields in their respective roles. Director Jerry Zaks does a masterful job in this two hour and fifteen minute show.
  • The laughs keep coming and so do the great songs. The show for the most part keeps to the movie plot, how-
  • ever, with the internet and social media, John O’Farrell and Karey Kirkpatrick keep this show going at a whirlwind
  • pace. Make up by Tommy Kurzman, lighting by Philip S. Rosenberg, Costumes by Catherine Zuber with deft cho-
  • reography by Lorin Latarro make this a must see musical.
  • Jacobs Theatre
  • “Company” at The Jacobs Theatre stars Patti Lupone and Katrina Lenk. The musical is about Bobbie (Lenk) and her
  • easy-going lifestyle. While the entire cast tries to get her in a relationship, Stephen Sondheim’s songs are wonderful
  • and so is the entire cast. “Company” and Mrs. Doubtfire” are the two best musicals this season. “Company has won-
  • derful old fashioned complex sets, great costumes and uplifting direction. The story is light and breezy with a Tony
  • worthy performance by Patti Lupone. While Lenk is not the greatest singer, her acting is outstanding in the lead role
  • as Bobbie. “Company” traditionalists may not love it, characters have been changed and the story is different. For
  • musical lovers who do not know anything about “Company”, or its original plot, will love this show. This show is an
  • open run at the Jacobs Theatre on West 45th Street in New York City.
  • 23
  • Town Hall, NYC
  • Kathleen Turner in a two-hour Cabaret Concert sings and tells stories
  • about her life. Turner’s voice is at best weak. Her range is nonexistent
  • as a singer. Her stories in the first act are good, however, in the sec-
  • ond act she becomes very political and very opinionated. I am not
  • sure why The Town Hall hosted Turner to sing when New York City
  • has so many other great Cabaret singers such as K.T. Sullivan and all
  • the greats that sing at 54 Below every night, not to mention the other
  • Cabaret Halls in the city that host the world’s best. Turner was very
  • good in many films, had some strong outings on Broadway… “Cat on
  • a Hot Tin Roof”, “Who’s Afraid of Virgina Wolf” and “Indiscretions”.
  • Singing is not one of Turner’s strong suits and it showed tonight, her
  • stamina and ambition were both lacking in this two-hour debacle
  • Vivian Beaumont Theater
  • “Flying Over Sunset” at The Vivian Beaumont Theater at Lincoln Center is a musical of three Hollywood personalities who use
  • LSD for therapeutic purposes. It is a conceptual show meaning that it is an idea or theme, elaborates it with music and story
  • and it never trades in traditional narrative. The three characters who are suffering from some unresolved conflicts in their lives
  • are: Carey Grant (Tony Yazbeck), Aldous Huxley (Harry Hadden-Paton) and Playwright Clare Boothe Luce (Carmen Cusack).
  • All famous in the late 1950’s, they explore acid on the downlow, as it would be considered taboo even though the drug was le-
  • gal at the time. Written by James Lapine, the show has great sets and sound. This two hour and f



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