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8 min readJan 7, 2021

Robert Massimi.

Thousands of supporters of President Trump stormed the US Capitol building yesterday, clashing with police as morning protests turned into a riot that overwhelmed Capitol security. One woman was killed after being shot inside the Capitol — reports suggest the fatal shot came as demonstrators tried to enter the House chamber — and at least 52 people were arrested. Three others died during the violence, reportedly from medical emergencies. It was the largest breach of the Capitol since it was burned by British troops in 1814. See photos here.

A rally had been scheduled in the nation’s capital to coincide with a joint session of Congress meant to formally receive and certify the Electoral College votes finalizing the 2020 presidential election. Following morning speeches at the White House Ellipse (see map) — including a final, hourlong appearance by Trump — protesters made the two-mile trek to Capitol Hill, almost immediately overrunning police barriers. See more photos here.

A number of Republican lawmakers had planned to object to the formal electoral results. The effort, which did not have the support to alter the outcome, split the GOP conference — Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) made a forceful rebuttal to the objections to open the first debate. Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) was in the middle of supporting an objection when he was notified protesters had breached police lines and entered the building (see clip).

Vice President Mike Pence, who signaled just before the proceedings he would not intervene in the results (read letter), was hastily escorted out. Pence later denounced the invasion and called for the crowd to disperse. By the afternoon, Trump exhorted his supporters to disperse, while repeating allegations of voter fraud. Major social media platforms blocked the president’s account for up to 24 hours. The violence was widely condemned from both sides of the aisle.

The chaos gave rise to surreal scenes: Police attempting to contain protesters inside the rotunda, a protester lounging in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D, CA-12) office, and a woman screaming from the House dais in front of an empty chamber. A Confederate flag flew inside the Capitol. See a compiled video of events here.

A later sweep found pipe bombs outside both the Democratic and Republican National Committee offices, along with a cooler of Molotov cocktails. The breach and handling of the protestors raised questions about Capitol Hill security, with many drawing comparisons to the harsher response seen during summer demonstrations across the city. The president later released a statement committing to an orderly transition.

The complex was cleared late in the evening, after which certification resumed. Seven of 13 senators dropped their objections. The vote was certified for President-elect Joe Biden early this morning — inauguration is set for Jan. 20.

Georgia Senate Race Called

Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff is projected to beat incumbent Sen. David Perdue (R) in the second of two runoff elections for Georgia’s US Senate seats, The Associated Press announced yesterday. With more than 99% of the vote counted, Ossoff holds a 0.8% lead, or roughly 35,000 votes, over Perdue.

Ossoff would join fellow Democratic challenger Raphael Warnock in victory, whose race over incumbent Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R) was called overnight Tuesday. Warnock — who looks to become Georgia’s first Black US senator — currently holds a 1.4% lead (about 74,000 votes) over Loeffler. Neither Perdue nor Loeffler has conceded as of this morning, though both races are past the 0.5% threshold where recounts may be requested.

Pending certification of the results, Congress will have a 50–50 split between parties, though Democrats will have a slim majority with Vice President-elect Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) acting as a tiebreaker.

Kim Admits Failures

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un kicked off the country’s Workers’ Party Congress meeting earlier this week with a rare acknowledgment that his economic development plans over the past five years have largely failed. The congress is the party’s top decision-making body in the country and is expected to last several days.

Just the third such gathering since 1980, the meeting is meant to increase public support behind Kim’s leadership and build a new five-year plan to guide the North’s economy. Experts say North Korea is suffering from a severe economic crisis, driven by US-led sanctions and pandemic-induced border closings with its main trade partner China. The country also dealt with a series of natural disasters that devastated crop supplies last summer.

North Korea has not reported a single COVID-19 case — a widely disputed claim — though photos of the event showed none of the 7,000 party members in attendance wearing face masks.

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