robert massimi
4 min readAug 18, 2021


Worst States To Live In.

No Bull With Raging Robert.

Robert Massimi.


The 10 Most Hated States in America in 2021

The worst states in the United States

Markie Young·

7 min read

10 Painless Ways to Live Below Your Means

Leading a richer life with less consumerism

David Asch in Making of a Millionaire·

4 min read

How America Failed Afghanistan — And Itself

There Are No Good Ways to End an Empire. But There Are Even Worse Ones.

umair haque in Eudaimonia and Co·

11 min read

This Is Why I Don’t Call Myself a Progressive

Margaret Atwood is right: history doesn’t bend towards justice

Paul Goodman in Politically Speaking·

5 min read


A Weekend in the New Coolest City in Europe

Bye Berlin. Forget Budapest. This small city has art and music on every corner.

Stark Raving·

4 min read

What Your Married Friends Neglected to Tell You

Welcome to the club. You’re gonna need a guest room and ear plugs.

Lori Welch Brown in The Haven·

4 min read

13 Little Packing Items that Upgrade Your Travel Experience

They’re all lightweight and easy to bring — even when you’re only allowed a carry-on

Laura Rosell in One Table, One World·

10 min read


The Bizarre Variety Show Programs of The Late 1970's

People watched some mundane yet bizarre shit back in the day

Hogan Torah in FanFare·

4 min read

How to Make $1,000,000 a Year In Data Science and Machine Learning — A Fool…

Now I know what you are thinking, “Jase, a million dollars! Come on!”. Hear me out, if you follow these rules…

Jason Bell·

3 min read

RIP: Evernote vs Notion

Who are Evernote and Notion’s new competitors?

Francesco D’Alessio in Geek Culture·

4 min read


Bitcoin’s Increasing Value Is Its Real Failure

The technology is fine, but its speculative bias reveals something sad about our relationship with money

Douglas Rushkoff in Marker·

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